We Are Shopping Together on Cyber Monday

I asked my sister if she wanted to go shopping with me on Black Friday. I knew she hated to shop, but I also knew it would be a lot more fun if we did this together. I told her I wanted to find a great deal on a laptop for my husband, and she actually laughed at me. She told me to not bother shopping if that is all I wanted, because I would be able to find the best Cyber Monday laptop deals that would probably beat out even the Black Friday deals on them.

I have heard of Cyber Monday, but I have never taken part in it before. I just thought that Black Friday deals were better than anything else around, and I was hoping to get a great deal so I could get him exactly the one that he wanted. While he did not have a specific one in mind, he did know the specifications that he wanted. She told me that I would be able to find the perfect laptop then through Cyber Monday, and she did volunteer to help me with that.

I really could not blame her for not wanting to go out and shop with me on the craziest shopping day of the year. Some people are downright mean that day, and the traffic can be a nightmare too. She told me to go to a site and sign up for their email alerts for stores that release their Cyber Monday deals early. That way, I could take my time looking through all of the different stores and pick the one that was perfect for my husband. She even told me that she will be right there with me in my living room as she has a lot on her Cyber Monday shopping list too!

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