Vaping is My New Best Friend

As a long-time smoker, I was not extremely happy when I decided to quit. But I was bored of the taste and the smelly smoke that covered my clothing after smoking. Not long after, I overheard some people in a restaurant talking about vaping. As I listened, I saw one of the people in the group pulled out something that looks pretty much like a cigarette. As I saw her inhale, I noticed there was no smoke. I immediately asked her about it. She said that it was an ecigarette, and she gets the best selling e liquid flavors for it at a local shop. I asked her a little more info, thanked her and told her that I would look into it. I then forgot about it for a couple of weeks.

During a night out for drinks with my husband, I pointed out that I missed smoking during our nights out. Later that night, I saw someone pull out an ecig. Instantly reminded of the conversation with the stranger in the restaurant weeks earlier, I was reminded that I needed to get on the Internet to find out more about them. The very night, I made sure to follow through.

I found out that I can start vaping for roughly the same cost that comes with standard cigarettes. This was comforting considering that I assumed the cost would be higher since ecigs look so elegant and made of nice materials. Remembering that they do not produce smoke, I realized that I would like to try them myself. I really liked that you can smoke them in restaurants and bars, unlike cigarettes. When I started out smoking, you could smoke in both places until just a few years ago, and I really missed it.

I ended up going to the nearby store that I had heard about previously, and I walked out with a pretty nice kit to get started with the hole process. I was pleased to learn that there are many flavors to choose from, and the cost actually turned out to be great with the discount sale going on at the vaping store, too.

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