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There are many reasons you may decide that Rehearsal space London is right for you. Maybe your band is ready to make their first demo or their first music video, maybe you are putting together a TV production or a short film or maybe you are even starting out in the photography industry and have arranged for some models to come so you can put your photography portfolio together.

Choosing London as a base for this is an always a good idea, its easily accessible from all over the country. When choosing a rehearsal studio ensure you choose on that is outside the congestion zone but within easy reach of all the major motorways, this way you know everyone can get to the space without too much hassle whether travelling in their own vehicles or by public transport.

The next thing you need to take into consideration is where the studios are located in the building, if you have lots of heavy and expensive equipment carrying it up and down stairs is a huge inconvenience. So find rehearsal space London that offers ground floor studios with direct yard access for added convenience. Being in London you will also want to ensure that they offer free parking with the studio rental.

Next consider how close they are to restaurants and shops in the area. You will want to take breaks throughout the day so this is an important part of the hiring process. This ensures everyone can take a break, get a bite to each or run to the shop with ease and get back in time to start rehearsing again.

Storage and Repairs

Does the rehearsal space offer storage facilities and repairs? You never think that your equipment will break down and it will always do so when you least want it to, for example just in the middle of rehearsals when everyone has just got what they are meant to and you are about to start recording.

The studio should have repairs available to get your equipment fixed quickly and if all else fails they should offer rentals for the more important equipment needed.

Storage is also important especially if you intend staying for a couple of days. You dont want to be carrying your equipment back and forth to your vehicle and to your hotel before and after each long day, you want to be able to store it safely and enjoy your evening out before heading back to the hotel without the worry.

Green Screen London

If you are filming then you will want a green screen. You can hire these but transporting them can be an inconvenience, so find yourself rehearsal space London that has this on offer and find it already set up in the studio you have booked on your arrival enabling you to make your TV production, short film or photography session personalized and unique.

The green screen offers you so much in terms of your own personal stamp on your work; you can add video or pictures behind the people you have taped, making your work stand out in a professional way.

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