Is Double up betting system on Red and black or Sic bo casino game effective?

  1. the double up system is everytime you lose you double up your bet. Can it make it up to 10 straight or more of individual color.? Im planning to play in online games….

    Answer by grayhorse89
    What we have described is commonly recognised as a Martingale approach plus inside the extended run its not powerful.

  2. So Im a dealer at a casino and I was dealing a three-dice combination game called Sic Bo. In this game the layout on which you bet has multiple images of each side of the dice. All dice are red and the digits are in white except for numbers one and four, which are in blue. I was really curious as to why and noone could answer me so I was wondering if someone knew?

    Answer by cfz77777777
    Its very an unknown game to be honest, I have played inside casinos for a extended time plus have not heard about it

  3. I want to know – if you have 100 chips:
    How several ought to be white?
    How various ought to be red?
    How numerous ought to be blue?

    I guess I didnt ask this well before. Im not struggling to figure out the worth (ie white = $ 1)

    I *think* the game they came with is known as “Sic-bo” or “Hi-lo” it involves 3 dice inside a tumbler plus you dont recognize much regarding it.

    Any aid is appreciated! Thanks!!

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    Answer by Soy
    Chip sets of 100, could all come inside different color preparations. thats why they sell extras found on the side. certain come with denomonations plus certain don`t. Should you have the ones which don`t….playing a chip is a chip is constantly a wise path to take. ie we bet $ 10 thus we throw in 10 chips.
    hope it helps

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