LArbre Palabres #2

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  1. LArbre Palabres #2
    Image by an untrained eye
    January 5th, 2008 – Geneva, Switzerland

    The "arbre palabres" is the baobab tree, or more metaphorically "the talking tree". Traditionally, in western African culture it is the tree beneath which the elders meet to talk, and has over time become a symbol for open and unrestricted communication and the exchange of beautiful ideas.

    Pauline Juliers work takes this idea and adapts it to the urban environment. Here is an extract from the description that appeared beneath the work :

    Random Partners Contribution associated with Coral :

    "En sapprochant de larbre on voit sur les crans des personnes du quartier, des espaces de lenvironnement urbain alentour. On entend une voix, elle raconte une anecdote. Le spectateur cherche quel portrait parle. Lespace priv se mlange alors lespace public. Larbre devient un arbre palabres, centre des paroles du quartier, nbuleuse virtuelle de paroles et dimages."

    While the artistss aim is certainly realised at least partially – unfortunately, on the day I took these pictures, I could barely hear the voice that was speaking high above me – I enjoyed the piece simply for its surreal quality : its not every day, after all, that one sees a tree full of TV screens.

    You may enjoy this large on black.

    This picture has been blogged here. Sadly, anonymous comments are not allowed so I cant thank the blogger, Tanja Barnes there – so Ill do it here instead. Thanks !

    Both of my images of this installation also feature in Christopher Ming Ryans wonderfully titled post 30 Evocative Flickr Images to Describe The Impending Death Of TV (April 6th, 2009) on his blog The Way We Watch.

    It also features very briefly (at around the 2:54 mark) in a short video here which explains the purpose of Creative Commons licencing.

  2. Lamore..[Explore Front Page 28-5-12]
    Image by *(Antonio)* – out of mind –
    .. proprio come il sole, chiedete a una qualunque mamma cos pi grande tra questi due fattori, lamore per un figlio..o la grandezza del sole.. forse entrambe portanto a quanto di pi bello possa desiderare una famiglia unita. Ambra & Mattia (Grazie Gabriele)