How can you make yourself stop gossiping when you get around someone who loves to gossip?

  1. My mother loves to gossip. She gets on my nerves with being sensitive, judging others and being negative. Not just to and about me, but to and about everybody. Im going to curse her out.
    Eden: Lol, that does work and I do do that.

    Answer by Eden
    keep an ipod/mp3 player handy and when she starts to gossip just zone her out with music or ignore her lol

  2. I try not to gossip as much as possible. But sometimes that really restricts what I feel comfortable saying to other people, ABOUT other people. Sometimes when my friends talk to me they are telling me the bad/rude things their family/other friends have done or said, and I feel like they are gossiping. But is it really gossiping or are they just telling me about whats happening in their lives, or just needing to vent a little anger?

    So how can I know the difference between just chatting or venting, and someone who is gossiping? Where is the line drawn?

    Answer by Red
    I think there is a big difference between a person venting because they are trying to solve a problem, and a person who just likes complaining.

    I dont like gossip either, and when I hear people endlessly complain about others, I always wonder what they say about me when Im not around.

    I think the difference is the intent. If they are venting not because they are trying to hurt or insult someone else, but to try to manage a problem/situation better themselves, thats fine, especially if they are discreet.

    So, if someone says, “Look I need some advice, my brother said xyz and it really upset me. Please dont discuss this with anyone, what do you think I should do?” is ok.

    If someone says “OMG my brother is such a f***ing idiot, guess what he did this morning, the douchebag – hed DIE if he knew I was telling you this but…” in front of 6 people, with no concern as to whether they repeat it or not, thats gossip. Thats fine for them, but with people like that, never tell them anything. They cant be trusted.

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