How Bed Bugs Got into Our Ultra Clean Home

You would never think that bed bugs could even begin to be a problem in your own home. I mean it. We clean our home regularly. We have actually burned out vacuum cleaners because we are always cleaning. When you have a kid with allergies, you do a lot of extra cleaning. Plus, my boss likes to come over to talk about projects, and he is the type to just show up unexpectedly. He stayed in the guest room, and now we have bed bugs! We called professional bed bug exterminator in NYC to come and eradicate them. My boss was the one who actually warned me they may be present.

He did not get any bites the night he stayed, but rather said that he infected his own house with them. What had happened was that he picked them up at the fancy hotel he was staying at. Hotels can be notorious for the little critters. They hitch a ride on clothes and then end up being brought to the hotels by guests. Then they leave as guests in your luggage! He had his suitcase with him from the flight back home. He had come straight to our house from the airport. I know that because I picked him up. We were late talking about projects and budgets, so I asked him to just stay over. He got his luggage out of our car and stayed the night.

Sure enough, an inspection from the professional bed bug exterminator in NYC revealed that we had them too. The good thing is that they were confined to the guest bedroom and were easily eradicated. Still, I could not bear to think about them being in the mattress, so I had it bagged and destroyed. Of course though, they don’t just stay on the bed. They get in little crevices of the headboards and frame. They like to hide. The exterminator pretty much guaranteed they were gone. Hey, at least we ended up with a new mattress and box springs.

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