Glass After the Tornado Damage

There was a really bad storm in my area that damaged one of my bathrooms greatly. I was hiding in the closet when the storm came, because I was afraid that a tornado would sweep most of the house away. The tornado didn’t do too much damage to the outside, but it did send part of a tree right through the window, and right into the bathroom mirror. There was an installer of custom glass in Brooklyn that I had called before, and I contacted them for the repair job. Their business was booming as of lately, because they were getting a lot of calls due to the storm.

I had to call the city to have them remove the tree from my bathroom window. They cut the tree into smaller pieces and hauled it away. I swept away the broken glass and threw away the shards, being careful not to cut myself on any of it. I had home insurance, so my policy paid for the cost of the repairs. The installation company came by to measure the window and the area where the mirror would be placed. After that, they gave me a pricing estimate, and I agreed to pay that price.

The window installation had to be done from both the inside and the outside. They had to scrape away old sealant to get rid of the rest of the glass pieces that were in the window frame. Then they slid the new window into place and put sealant around it to keep it in place. The sealant dried and the window was good as new. The mirror installation was much simpler. They just had to put it in place and secure it with a couple of screws and brackets on each side. I hope another storm doesn’t come around.

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