Getting Some Ideas for the Design Competition

50 injured in bus accident on Commonwealth AvenueObviously I want to win the architectural design contest for a wide variety of reasons. It is what I am planning to make my career of course and I am looking for really nice designs to borrow ideas from. In particular I was thinking about borrowing some of Frank Lloyd Wright’s ideas with concrete and a couple of features that I saw at the newly completed commonwealth towers in singapore. It is not a masterpiece, but it is a beautiful design and I noticed a couple of really nice features, In truth the idea I got has something to do with a giant chessboard that they have some place there. I guess it is on a roof top terrace. The chess pieces there are about a foot high. My idea is to design a concept where the building has a large courtyard with the chess pieces on a large chessboard placed atop a reflecting pool. Of course I am going to have to do some small scale test to see how it would work.

Of course it is not so difficult to come up with an idea like this. It is another thing entirely to create a design that looks right on a set of blueprints and can be actually built.That is an important element of this contest, in that you do not get the prize for designing a beautiful pipe dream. Instead you have to demonstrate that a building could be built at a price where there would be a market for it. This design would only be practical if I had a big weighty name. It is like the fact that people will pay large sums of money for paintings by a famous painting, but would not have the same painting if they did not think it was a great artist’s work.

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