Experience Sensational Roller-Coaster Ride Through Author Stephen Charles James Classicism

Readers are invited to unravel mysteries about new book The Woman with the Scarlet Shoes.

Australia (PRWEB) June 03, 2014

Crime, the solving of it an evergreen topic and a constant menace of society propels the plot of a thrilling story presented by author Stephen Charles James inspired by his wifes stunning red shoes. James used the shoes as catalysts to trigger and amplify the storyline clearly contriving an intriguing novel, housing themes of romantic action, murder, suspense, and dramatic tension. Readers are invited to join an accidental heros quest to unravel the mysteries that shroud The Woman with the Scarlet Shoes.

Back dropped by a majestic beach-side setting in Australia, readers will be introduced to characters that are ingeniously well portrayed to coerce them towards adoring some whilst loathing others. They will follow the exploits of Michael Vincent, a magazine photographer, after he is confronted by the mysterious beautiful woman with the scarlet shoes.

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This cleverly written narrative will compel readers to keep guessing through a chain reaction of witty sexual and emotional innuendos, which spiral towards an unpredictable conclusion. Everyone will surely experience an arousing sensational roller-coaster ride through this fascinating page-turning drama, as they join Michael in untangling his desire for The Woman with the Scarlet Shoes in order to solve a crime.

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About the Author

Stephen Charles James was born in Kampala, Uganda with British parentage. After a 1960s uprising took place in his homeland, his family fled to Queensland, Australia, settling in the suburbs of the capital city Brisbane. James excelled in English at school, and eventually it became his favorite subject. He penned several short stories, plays, and poems as a teenager. A secure position in the Australian Postal Service saw enough spare time to continue creative writing through his mid-thirties via a local water-ski club magazine, where he became head writer and editor; eventually becoming the president . During that time, he met and married his wife Andrea. Sadly, with no children of their own, his attentions were captured by the children of friends and family. Playing with the young ones and inventing stories for them gave inspiration to create and publish an ongoing series of childrens adventure books enjoyed by 3-8 age bracket. Self-illustrating the picture books was both a challenge and a stimulating accomplishment for James. Throughout his lifes exciting journey, James is proud to share that he has lived in England, Africa, and Australia. Hes also travelled extensively to destinations such as Italy, Gibraltar, New Zealand, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Tahiti, Curacao, and Genoa via Panama and the Suez Canals.

The Woman with the Scarlet Shoes * by Stephen Charles James

Publication Date: March 27, 2014

Trade Paperback; AU$ 29.99; 392 pages; 9781493135790

Trade Hardback; AU$ 49.99; 392 pages; 9781493135806

e-book; AU$ 4.25; 9781493135783

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