Avoiding the Threat of Foreclosure

Foreclosures in NYC had reached an all time high, and I was one of the victims of it. My house was set to be foreclosed upon if I didn’t figure out away to get enough money to pay the lien on my home. I was scared that I would be tossed out on the street with nowhere to go. I had never been homeless before, and just by seeing other people who had to go through such an experience, I didn’t want to deal with it. I looked for every opportunity to save myself and my home.

After doing some research, I came into contact with some foreclosure experts who would could help me keep my home. They were able to work with me and talk to the bank and we came to an agreement. They would allow me more time to gain more money to pay off the lien. Technically I wasn’t entirely off the hook, but I did have more time to work things out. I had to get another job to get extra money, and I also did other things in my spare time, such as odd jobs, and participating in focus tests.

I even went as far as participating in a medical experiment where they examined my brain with an MRI machine and administered electric shocks. The shocks were pretty painful, but I was able to take it to get the money. Eventually I came up with enough money, and I avoided foreclosure. At that moment, I felt debt free. I started thinking more about my future. I created a savings account and each month I put a little bit from my paychecks into the account. With interest, by the time I retire, I’ll have enough money to cover the cost of living so that I won’t have to rely on social security.

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