A Company That Cares Nothing for Customers

If you’re reading this then you are someone who is like myself; you hate Time Warner. You’re tired of them. You can’t handle their excuses any longer and you want to do nothing but scream, to cry and to curse at them until they change their ways and deliver you the services that you have been wishing you had since the beginning. Yeah, I’m there with you my brothers and sisters. This is why I bring you this instead; http://direct-satellite-tv.com/directv/. We want change? Here it is. Until Google Fiber makes its way into my city, I want absolutely nothing with Time Warner.

See, I used to like digital cable. Once upon a time, I had a company called Insight Communications. My, they were wonderful. Every day I could go to my computer and sign on – really! I would click and it would work. I could turn on my television and the channel I expected to be on would be there! I had nearly no outages the entire time that I was with Insight. Now, enter Time Warner. They, in their infinite wisdom, decided to buy out Insight and replace EVERYTHING with their services. What? Why would they need to do that?

The prices went up, the quality went down. Outages began to happen in the first week. Netflix started loading more slowly. Honestly, I feel betrayed by Insight Communications. I feel betrayed by the government of Louisville, Kentucky. Citizens should have a right to choosing which utilities stay and go. Heck, when Time Warner came into the city they wanted to fire the entire staff at the call center. If a company wanted to do that when they came in, I would clearly recognize that they are not a company who cares for creating job or even for the state.

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