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What are the features of PresTop Multi Touch Kiosk



This youtube video is about AVRD Product Video: PresTop Multi-Touch Kiosk.




  1. A 42″ interactive multi-touch kiosk.
  2. LCD panel combined with Infra-red interactive bezel
  3. Black powdered coated steel construction, custom colors available.
  4. Lockable for internal media storage.
  5. USB port on side for input and “walk away” media retrieval
  6. Other inputs include cat 5 and power both on back and underneath for hiding cables
  7. LCD display support internal audio as well as standard outputs for external speakers.


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Video Transcript

Hello everyone hi gang hi viewers !

I’m Jeff and today we have a 42 inch
interactive kiosk with multi touch screen this is an
all-in-one solution for interactive
media experiences.

let’s take a look at
some key features an LCD panel combined
with an infrared interactive bezel as
black powder-coated steel construction
and custom colors are also available.

The back is a lockable media cabinet and
on the side we have a USB port for walk
away media retrieval also internal and
external audio support is available as

The system can also be combined
with RFID technologies – pretty cool
stuff !

So how useful is this well you can do
anything with this device including
interactive presentations product demos
multimedia experiences.

You can even acquire marketing data from attendees of
trade shows so what are the specs this
is a 42 inch model and we have a 55 inch
multi-touch model available as well.
All of them can display different types
of software and video elements such as
Omni taps which is designed for
touchscreen kiosks.

This system can be used in all kinds of places trade shows
lobbies libraries product launches
retail spaces anywhere

Your customers are looking for information about your
product just change the content and you
have a new kiosk.

Wow well thanks for watching and please check out our other
product videos.

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I’m Jeff saying have a stellar day