Monthly Archives: August 2016

Almost Ready to Graduate College

I have managed to get done here in four years and six months, or at least that is when I am going to be done. At first I was going to major in physics, but that was really hard and of course the only opportunity you really get is to teach physics. So I decided to go over to computer science. Right now I have a couple more credits that I need, but I have already picked out a resume template and I am going to start sending out resumes in the coming weeks. Of course I know that a lot of people get out of college and look for a job for months, or they end up settling for something less than what they are qualified. I know this, but that is a better reason to try to get out ahead of the curve. I think that would impress people who hire, because it shows that you are ahead of the game.

Of course the truth is that you do not really have much to put on your resume, because all you have are your grades. Mine are good, but they are not great. So I realize that there is a chance I may have to take a job just to get some real world experience on the resume. I have had an internship with a big insurance company, I know a couple of people who still work there and I got along great with everyone. At least I got along with everyone I could. There was this one guy who was obsessed with this girl who could not stand him, but she liked me. Obviously that is not going to endear you to that guy, and he hates my guts. Of course it does not matter all that much since he has no real power.