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Many People with Dementia Need Someone to Watch Them at All Times

My grandfather has had dementia for at least the past 3 years. We, his family, suspected it about 2 years earlier, but we couldn’t get the doctors to figure out what was wrong. That means he’s probably had it for five years, and it worsens over time as the patient goes through different stages. My mom and me take turns helping him out whenever he needs it. But he has now reached the roaming stage, which means that he needs even more help. This is where dementia care in Brooklyn has come in handy for us.

When talking about dementia, you will often hear people discuss the fact that people who have it will begin to roam. Often, this is because the person wants to “go home.” They will say this even if they are still living in their own home and have been for the past 20..or even 50 years. Experts have said that the mind regresses back to childhood, and they forget everything at some point between their childhood and the present, so when they use the word “home,” they typically mean the childhood home where they grew up. Most children feel safe in the place that they grew up in and often think of it fondly, even as adults.

So, when your loved on reaches that stage, they will often do whatever they can to go back home, only that home often no longer exists. They will try to leave the house and walk, or take a bus or even try to drive there. This is when problems can occur and your loved one can be seriously harmed when they become confused when on their own. You have probably seen news reports in your city alerting viewers to a lost senior citizen. And that is when you need someone to be with them around the clock. Someone needs to be there to watch the door to make sure they don’t leave and get hurt. This can be done by hiring a caretaker for all those times that you need to run to the grocery store or go to work.

Glass After the Tornado Damage

There was a really bad storm in my area that damaged one of my bathrooms greatly. I was hiding in the closet when the storm came, because I was afraid that a tornado would sweep most of the house away. The tornado didn’t do too much damage to the outside, but it did send part of a tree right through the window, and right into the bathroom mirror. There was an installer of custom glass in Brooklyn that I had called before, and I contacted them for the repair job. Their business was booming as of lately, because they were getting a lot of calls due to the storm.

I had to call the city to have them remove the tree from my bathroom window. They cut the tree into smaller pieces and hauled it away. I swept away the broken glass and threw away the shards, being careful not to cut myself on any of it. I had home insurance, so my policy paid for the cost of the repairs. The installation company came by to measure the window and the area where the mirror would be placed. After that, they gave me a pricing estimate, and I agreed to pay that price.

The window installation had to be done from both the inside and the outside. They had to scrape away old sealant to get rid of the rest of the glass pieces that were in the window frame. Then they slid the new window into place and put sealant around it to keep it in place. The sealant dried and the window was good as new. The mirror installation was much simpler. They just had to put it in place and secure it with a couple of screws and brackets on each side. I hope another storm doesn’t come around.

Avoiding the Threat of Foreclosure

Foreclosures in NYC had reached an all time high, and I was one of the victims of it. My house was set to be foreclosed upon if I didn’t figure out away to get enough money to pay the lien on my home. I was scared that I would be tossed out on the street with nowhere to go. I had never been homeless before, and just by seeing other people who had to go through such an experience, I didn’t want to deal with it. I looked for every opportunity to save myself and my home.

After doing some research, I came into contact with some foreclosure experts who would could help me keep my home. They were able to work with me and talk to the bank and we came to an agreement. They would allow me more time to gain more money to pay off the lien. Technically I wasn’t entirely off the hook, but I did have more time to work things out. I had to get another job to get extra money, and I also did other things in my spare time, such as odd jobs, and participating in focus tests.

I even went as far as participating in a medical experiment where they examined my brain with an MRI machine and administered electric shocks. The shocks were pretty painful, but I was able to take it to get the money. Eventually I came up with enough money, and I avoided foreclosure. At that moment, I felt debt free. I started thinking more about my future. I created a savings account and each month I put a little bit from my paychecks into the account. With interest, by the time I retire, I’ll have enough money to cover the cost of living so that I won’t have to rely on social security.

How Bed Bugs Got into Our Ultra Clean Home

You would never think that bed bugs could even begin to be a problem in your own home. I mean it. We clean our home regularly. We have actually burned out vacuum cleaners because we are always cleaning. When you have a kid with allergies, you do a lot of extra cleaning. Plus, my boss likes to come over to talk about projects, and he is the type to just show up unexpectedly. He stayed in the guest room, and now we have bed bugs! We called professional bed bug exterminator in NYC to come and eradicate them. My boss was the one who actually warned me they may be present.

He did not get any bites the night he stayed, but rather said that he infected his own house with them. What had happened was that he picked them up at the fancy hotel he was staying at. Hotels can be notorious for the little critters. They hitch a ride on clothes and then end up being brought to the hotels by guests. Then they leave as guests in your luggage! He had his suitcase with him from the flight back home. He had come straight to our house from the airport. I know that because I picked him up. We were late talking about projects and budgets, so I asked him to just stay over. He got his luggage out of our car and stayed the night.

Sure enough, an inspection from the professional bed bug exterminator in NYC revealed that we had them too. The good thing is that they were confined to the guest bedroom and were easily eradicated. Still, I could not bear to think about them being in the mattress, so I had it bagged and destroyed. Of course though, they don’t just stay on the bed. They get in little crevices of the headboards and frame. They like to hide. The exterminator pretty much guaranteed they were gone. Hey, at least we ended up with a new mattress and box springs.